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Virtues & Values


Dynasty Emperor Ragout for Cats Chicken

Quality of ingredients.

We do not compromise on quality and would rather not use ingredients than process inferior ones. You can see this in our Emperor Ragout: it contains cut pieces of meat — in some varieties whole chicken hearts — and is not ground beyond recognition. The quality achieved this way is also reflected in the food’s scent. No “cat food smell” but a deliciously pleasant smell of meat similar to a stew or ragout for humans.

Dynasty Emperor Ragout for Cats Beef
Dynasty Emperor Ragout for Cats Chicken & Mussels Ingredients
Dynasty Emperor Ragout for Cats Chicken Ingredients

Selection of ingredients.

Our selection is made by choice, not availability. We prefer high quality animal pieces like muscle meat and liver that bring in healthy nutrients. We don’t use parts like e.g. udders, which are just cheap fillers. The same high standard is used for our vegetable selection. They have to be a good source of antioxidants and fiber and therefore beneficial to the cat’s health.

Close to nature, not close to any hype.

We process everything cats love and need, and leave out everything they don’t need or that could even harm them. Cats don’t choose to eat pomegranate, quinoa, spirulina, chia seeds or goji berries and they also don’t crack open coconuts. On top of that we use animal based oils instead of vegetable oils because a carnivore’s digestive tract is adjusted to consuming animal protein only.


Most brands misunderstand values for marketing. 

We believe (and hope) customers can see behind those lies. “The best food”  is a statement that’s illegal under EU competition laws. “Without grain” is worth nothing if you replace it with peas, lentils, chickpeas, cellulose and beet pulp. How the hell are Glukosamin, Methylsulfonylmethan, Chondroitinsulfat and Mannan-Oligosaccharide part of a “balanced diet”? There are plenty of companies who exploit this and use marketing language to create a fake purpose. And they don’t care if the’re breaking the law. Why? Because sales generated by these false statements by far cover the costs of any upcoming legal issues. And it doesn’t end there. Positive ratings and “likes” are very cheap to buy as well. Same with seals and certificates.

Because almost every manufacturer claims to produce the best feed in the world, we find that no manufacturer should makes this decision, but only you — and your cat!

Honest declaration.

No trickery. No whitewashing. No hidden ingredients. We don’t “forget” to mention ingredients or even sneak in harmful ones. After all we don’t do this for the market or for a specific customer profile, but primarily for our own cats, who are more important to us than anything else.

We don’t lie.

We don’t hide components in parentheses to embellish other ingredients. Ingredients are not “left out” to “increase” the portion of others. The claim “sugar free” is almost always a lie — especially if the food includes fruits — but also because vegetables and even meat contain a tiny portion of sugar. The words “natural” and “dry food” should never be in the same sentence. Nothing could be further away from a cat’s natural diet than dry feed. 

Emperor White Edition Chicken 380g

Animal Welfare

Committed to animal welfare.

Every year, we support selected organizations that have dedicated themselves to create a better world for animals. We don’t make this mandatory to our customers though and our social efforts are not calculated into our prices. One can of food does not plant a tree or helps a stray cat. There are enough companies who believe they could save the world, or rather their revenue, with a few “trees”. We are not one of them. We are unbiased and neutral and our measures support multiple projects we believe create a better world. Due to this neutrality, we consider it important to separate this from our operational activities. 

Husbandry conditions of livestock.

We have decided to generally avoid processing any turkey meat. In order to enable the fastest possible growth, painfully overbred hybrid turkeys must suffer from considerable damage to their health. It is not uncommon for their bones to break under their own weight or their bodies to fail completely. We do not want to support this animal cruelty in any way. Anyone who does not explicitly sell organic turkeys is very likely using this hybrid type of turkey, since only 2.4 % of the turkeys kept in Germany are from an organic source.

Importance of animal life.

We don’t process baby animals like e.g. calves or lambs. These poor babies have to be slaughtered after only around 30 weeks on earth. Meat is crucial to a cat’s diet, is therefore necessary for our products and is part of the natural food chain. But we do feel like we have a special responsibility towards the animals we process, and believe they have a right to live longer than just a few weeks.

You will never get to buy an “exquisite baby cow” from us!