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Key User & Accounting (xentral)

(m/w/d) Remote (german fluently required)

Category & Sourcing Management

(m/w/d) Remote

What it's like to work with us

DYNASTY® is built on the belief that different talents, skills and perspectives are fundamental to our business success. We believe equity and inclusion gives us a competitive advantage and it makes us indispensable, more innovative and more powerful—both creatively and commercially.

We are remote friendly.
We don’t expect you to move.

We don’t care where you live. If you like to close the next supplier deal with support of the mediterranean sun, great! Expect a lot of sleepover requests.

We aren’t big on hierarchy.

We don’t have an internal “org chart.” Traditional hierarchy forms bottlenecks. One person has to ask someone else’s permission to do something. That person has to ask someone else as well and so on. It’s just a waste of time and prevents people from building things quickly.

We Share

We also expect you to share! Share your work, your knowledge, your stories. One absence should never disrupt many others workflows because the one person knowing the important piece is missing. We have mentors and collaborators, not commanders. In other words, you may have a boss, but you’ll never get bossed around. And we all make things here. Work small and big tasks. If you’ve come to climb a ladder, you’re in the wrong place.

Much of the work we do is technical or financial. But there’s another skill we all need to have: the interpersonal kind. It isn’t optional. We are a remote friendly company. Just because you’re sitting home alone doesn’t mean you are. Get to know everyone. No one is just a designer or a strategist. They are people with many dimensions. You are part of a team, and the health and harmony of your team is part of your job as well.

Work together,
beyond your mission,
and take care of your crew.

You’re given an incredible amount of freedom and autonomy, but we
hold you accountable
if you drop the ball.

Being a leader may feel unnatural at first, but we expect everyone to step up and own part of the project. When someone passes you the ball, you’re in charge of what to do with it next.

That goes for everyone – from interns on up. It’s up to you to figure out how to approach a problem. No one is going to make you do it their way. No one is micromanaging you. We also have a „Take-What-You-Need“ vacation policy and trust you to choose your own working hours. We know that sounds awesome, but here’s the rub: With freedom comes a ton of ownership and responsibility.

Life is easy when someone is telling you what to do. It’s also boring, and it prevents you from being invested in what you’re doing. Since you control your own destiny here, you’ll likely be more emotional about your work. We believe that’s better than the alternative. Can you imagine coming to work each day and not caring? We can’t.

We have no strict working hours and a "Take-What-You-Need" vacation policy.

We have partners, teams and suppliers from different time zones all over the world. Besides that, not everyone can be at their best at 6 a.m and all we ask is for your best. If your best is working at night until the birds sing, that’s fine by us. Just make sure that others don’t have to wait for you, that you are available for teams who rely on you and that you attend meetings you agreed to. You achieved something great and put in some extra? Take a time-out to relax as you please. We don’t count your days off. No formal vacation request and no need to ask HR for permission. But remember, you are part of a team! Don’t let your team down!

Nobody’s gonna hold your hand.

This is a busy place, and you’ll often be on your own to figure things out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but don’t rely on others to hold your hand. You might be tempted to say something such as, “It would be nice if someone would …” At DYNASTY®, you are that someone. If you want to update, change, or fix something, go for it. Seriously. Every awesome thing you see is like that because someone like you decided to do it.

Aesthetics are important.

If you make something that doesn’t look good or isn’t usable, you’re going to get called out on it. Don’t worry—this is how we get better. We are ruthless about this, and soon you will be too. Our code should be clean, our designs flawless, our presentations elegant, our calculations exact. Details are everything. Find one and make it awesome.
Birbs Watched
Happy Toe Beans
Bleps Captured
Cat Hair Per Shirt

How to apply?

We expect a formless CV or better said:

Make it how you like it, with the information you think will be necessary to impress us. Tell us why you want to be a part of DYNASTY® and what value you will add to the team. You like to integrate pictures of your work, your hobbies, or your cat? Definitely, do it! This gives us the opportunity to see the person behind the application something a pre-made generic HR template can’t.

We hire unbiased, but if you feel uncomfortable telling us your gender, age, religion ─ leave it out. We don’t care about those.