everything for the most precious
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everything for the most precious

Hi there! We are DYNASTY®

With Dynasty® our idea is to create the most sophisticated pet brand. An aesthetic contrast to all other pet brands and to reach a quality level that matches those of luxury products for humans.
It’s our obligation to do everything for our most precious – our pets. DYNASTY®, makes all your special moments with your pet truly extraordinary. Pet food with more nutrients, furnishing in higher quality, toys healthier, and fabrics better for the environment. We support you with all those crazy and awesome styles you want for your pet’s home.

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Since august 2021 we operate the premium/luxury customer centric eCommerce store dynasty.pet, curating designer pet products from all over the world. We want to improve the life and living quality of pets and there owners – with carefully curated and high quality interiour, furniture and pet products.


In Februar 2022 we launched our first Pet-Food Brand „Emperor“. The start made a high-end premium ragout for cats with sliced meat, not ground beyond recognition refinement with a dash of salmon oil. A healthy wet food rich in minerals and vitamins, without grain, sugar, thickener and much more unnecessary supplements.

Early 2023 we started the international cat-culture and lifestyle concept store dynasty of cats, selling cat-themed gifts, decoration and merch for cat-fans and cat-fanatics.

We want to be pretty much everything that conventional cat food manufacturers are not. We believe that it is possible to produce really good cat food and we believe that cat food can even be fun ─ for cats and their humans! Something for the eye and for the conscience.
Suzy ─ Cat Engagement Officer / Co-Founder
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
Micha ─ Chief Floof Officer / Co-Founder
Your love for your cat knows no compromise.
Your cat food shouldn't either.
Tanja ─ Brand Partnership & Campaign Management
We've always been enjoying to experiment new technologies and models, working with people coming from different backgrounds and creating products that solve cats & peoples needs at the same time.
Marie ─ Cat-Trolling and Furnance