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Emperor Catfood - White Edition

Water Buffalo

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Dynasty Emperor Ragout for Cats Water Bufalo

The Story Behind

What exactly is it that makes good cat food? Basically, it's pretty simple: we take everything a cat likes and needs and leave out everything that it doesn't need or that could even harm it. No trickery. No whitewash. No hidden ingredients. After all, we don't do this for the market or for a specific customer profile, but primarily for our own cats, who are more important to us than anything else. That is why we are not prepared to compromise when it comes to quality. We rather forgo ingredients and whole varieties than to process inferior raw materials. This is how we revolutionize cat food. And we hope to be able to win many supporters to rethink cat nutrition. With healthy ingredients and high-quality meat that you can also recognize as such. And always completely without harmful additives—even without those that do not have to be declared.

Dynasty Emperor Ragout for Cats Water Bufalo Ingredients
Dynasty® Emperor Ragout for Cats Water Buffalo Ingredients

Healthy food for a natural life of cats

★ no added grain ★ no added sugar ★ no added legumes ★ no added preservatives ★
★ no protein substitutes ★ no unnecessary supplements ★ no thickeners ★ no attractants ★ no food dyes ★
★ no flavor enhancers ★ no artificial flavors ★ no fillers ★ no animal testing ★

water buffalo, water buffalo innards &
water buffalo broth
salmon oil & minerals
Fresh muscle meat for proteins — sliced and not ground beyond recognition. Heart, liver, lung and other specially selected innards naturally provide essential minerals like zinc, iron, copper, as well as vitamins A-B-C-E and much more.
With just a little bit of vegetables particularly rich in nutrients, we mimic the composition of prey animals including their stomach content. Vitamins support the immune system and fibre contributes to a healthy digestion. A meal, that is as close to nature as possible.
For further refinement, we round off the composition with important additions like taurine and biotin. The final touch is a dash of salmon oil, which brings in that extra bit of omega fatty acids. All these details ensure a healthy heart, good vision, healthy skin, shiny fur and an overall happy and healthy cat life.
Emperor White Edition Buffalo185g
Emperor White Edition - Buffalo 185g
Emperor White Edition - Buffalo 380g
Dynasty Emperor 780g Buffalo
Emperor White Edition - Buffalo 780g

Emperor White Edition
pure like the snow

DYNASTY® EMPEROR, is a premium complete feed for cats and uses only the best and highest-quality ingredients. The WHITE EDITION only uses one protein source from 100% animal origin. An exceptional choice for very selective cats or those who appreciate a pure taste. This food is particularly gentle on the stomach and great for cats that have food intolerances to individual animal species.

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